Deadpool takes over Comicpalooza X. Watch his mayhem as he takes over our cameras.
Two Chefs Paella's Jack Tyler, shares his recipe for making Paella using Goya Olive Oil and is probably the dish people most seek out when they come to Spain.
Wine and Food Week kicks off this week and runs through Sunday, June 10. Giveaway of 2 Ticekts ($250 Value) to the Grand Tasting on Saturday to fans who LIKE, FOLLOW, SHARE, RP...
Comicpalooza included well known celebrities, comic related gear and artists plus cos-players and game makers. The 3-day multi-format Comic Con is the largest in Texas and The SouthWest.
Chocolate has a a range of health benefits including lowering cholesterol levels. In Sugar Land, Xocolla chocolate is passionately hand made from bean to bar. Chocolate Master, Tony Najjar takes us...
Beauties Hosts Blondie & Brownie give you a behind-the-scenes look at the making of the 2019 Beauties Calendar.
DJ Roc reports about one of the biggest May The 4th Art Festival in the country and it happens right here in HTown. Artist Dandee Warhol curates this 7th annual event which festures more than 100...
Our Beauty Expert Jonathan Luke, Master Stylist at Sensia Studio & Japanese Day Spa transforms Beauties Host, Serenity for the summer with highlights, extensions and an updo.
The garlicky sauce from Argentina and Uruguay is great spooned over beef or chicken. Co-owner and Executive Chef of Américas River Oaks prepares the traditional sauce using Goya Olive Oil.